A global brand
for a large team

The Miracle Hub is a global brand for a unique creative agency who manage a team of talents and provides any kind of service and consultancy for fashion productions, such as adverting films; printed campaigns; contents for magazines and social; fashion shows, events and much more.

The capabilities of our fashion production experts reach far and wide.

From Photographer and Video maker, right through to Stylist and Hairdresser and Makeup artist, we’ve got the lot, or we can hire the best to achieve your specific needs.


A “professional talents” agency

We are a full-service Agency, who offers a large range of services for the organization and management of any kind of photo and video productions, both by using our team of professionals and finding on the market the best possible talents.

Thanks to our skills - ranging from the creativity, of the best Art Directors, to the management skills of our producers - we can always arrange and manage the right people into just the right production.


Organise and manage the right people into just the right crew doesn't happen by chance, it comes by a hard job.

At The Miracle Hub we've mastered the art of "production staffing" to help our clients always achieve their goals.

Whether you're a Brand looking for a disruptive campaign or a Magazine willing for new contents, our experts eliminate guesswork and get results.

Our vision is to challenge what works now to create what’s next!


We offer a wide range of skilled service for fashion and advertising productions using our crew of highly experienced professionals or finding the best possible skill for each specific production needs.

Our clients can choose to entrust us for the whole production of just purchase service individually since the agency is organised with an experienced manager for each field of activity to take care of the specific role or to arrange the whole Production.

We do Movie and Videos; TV, Radio and Other Commercial; Advertising and promotional Campaigns; Editorials and Other Contents for Magazines; Contents for Digital and Social Marketing; Catalogues and Look-Books; Fashion Shows; Events and Parties and much more.


Across our organisation and our international network of partners, we manage Fashion Production in London, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, Dubai, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Toronto and anywhere else we think it might work for your brand.

Our talented team is made up of a real mix of personalities, of perspectives and different backgrounds because, from strategists to creatives, we celebrate everyone’s ideas no less than quirks with the goal of creating a vibrant work environment which we trust enhances creativity and output.

Our professional team thrives on everyday challenges and we’re always pushing each other to create our best work yet. Because knowing we’ve made a meaningful impact on your business is what really gets us going on and makes our mission concrete: to transform the everyday into the extraordinary!